Domestic Biomass.


A log or wood pellet boiler offers the economy of cheaper fuel prices, the convenience of full automation (for pellet systems), and the potential to recover your investment through the Renewable Heat Incentive – details of which are due to be announced in the spring.


Wood fuel is one of the most flexible renewable energy technologies for heating. Unlike heat pumps, biomass boilers provide heat at the same temperature as your existing oil or gas boiler, so no adaptations are required to your existing distribution system to accommodate the change of heat source – your radiators, underfloor heating and hot water cylinder all remain as they are now.


However, biomass boilers do require more space than their fossil-fuelled counterparts – they are often installed in garages or outbuildings because of this. Fuel storage also requires more space than an oil or LPG tank would – and much better access too, so it is vital to carefully consider all of these issues at the design stage – all part of our initial assessment of your requirements. We would rather not sell you a boiler than sell you one which will then be difficult to run because you can’t get fuel to it.


We offer a wide range of different boilers so you can rest assured we’ll find the right one for your installation, although in truth it is the design and quality of the overall installation that will ultimately make the difference to how well your system works rather than what particular brand of boiler you buy – and that’s an area where we excel – so irrespective of what boiler you have in mind, speak to us and we’ll ensure that you have the very best design, installation and after-sales service – meaning you can relax and enjoy the heat! We’d be very happy to put you in touch with some of our existing customers so you can find out what biomass boilers are like to live with – and, equally importantly, what their experience of us has been.


Please contact us for an initial no-obligation and entirely free discussion about your requirements and an indication of costs, and rest assured that we won’t ask you for a single penny until we have provided you with a detailed and fixed-price quotation – so you will always know exactly where you are with us.