Farms & Rural Estates.


The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has dramatically altered the economics of biomass, thereby making it the obvious choice for heating farms, rural estates and agricultural enterprises.


Any installation serving a business or more than one property (such as a district heating scheme) is eligible under the non-domestic scheme. Tariffs are linked to inflation and payable for 20 years - providing a guaranteed index-linked income stream.


If you have cottages on your property, your tenants are currently buying fuel from elsewhere – whether this is from an oil, LPG or electricity supplier, but they could be buying it from you. You are likely to be able to supply heat from a central boiler plant and district heating scheme for less than they are currently paying and – particularly if you self-supply the fuel – still make a healthy profit.


Add the RHI payments to the profit on heat sales and you have a sustainable and profitable income stream which is guaranteed by HM Treasury – and there aren’t many investments that can offer that at the moment! The RHI is designed to provide you with a 12% return on your investment, and where customers have access to their own fuel source, they can often significantly out-perform this figure.


If you have woodland then self-supplying fuel not only makes economic sense – it makes managing your woodland far more worthwhile, and with that comes additional benefits to wildlife. Well-managed woodland offers a far better habitat for birds and other wildlife – and so you can benefit the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, improving habitat for wildlife, and benefit your balance sheet too!


We have a vast amount of experience of installing district heating schemes for farms and estates – and would be happy to put you in touch with an existing customer to see how well they think we performed on their installation, and how the RHI is working for them.


Please contact us for an initial no-obligation and entirely free discussion about your requirements and an indication of costs, and rest assured that we won’t ask you for a single penny until we have provided you with a detailed and fixed-price quotation – so you will always know exactly where you are with us.