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Price Promise Guarantee.

Our price promise guarantee means we can never be undersold*.


Such is our confidence in the competitiveness of our pricing we are happy to offer to match any other quotation for an identical system. Please be aware that not all installers quote for the same level of specification unless you have provided a detailed specification and bill of materials; our price promise ensures that you get a top quality installation from an award-winning company, and reassures you that you are getting the most competitive pricing available.


*The small print: Clearly where we are working at a distance from our base in Cramlington and in competition with a local installer we have additional costs to bear – we are happy to detail these costs separately for you but the price promise has to exclude these additional costs. However, our bulk buying power means we can often still work out cheaper than a local installer – so can often compete on an identical specification with an installer who is based closer to your site.


We will also require sight of a fixed price proposal from any company whose price we are matching – simply to ensure that the specification is indeed identical, and that the price is fixed – many installers only provide an estimate and have the right to vary that price when they discover items they have missed or under-priced. Our prices are fixed.

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