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Government launches RHI payments calculator.


We are pleased to inform you that the Government has launched its Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Payments Calculator.


This is an online tool which will enable consumers in England, Scotland and Wales to calculate how much they might receive if they installed a renewable heating system through the RHI. It can be accessed at


The Domestic RHI payments calculator is intended to give consumers a better understanding of the amount of income they might receive from the Domestic RHI so they have the confidence to invest in renewable heating technology.


The calculator has been designed to enable anyone to receive an estimate regardless of their level of knowledge of renewable heat technologies and regardless of whether or not they have decided on installing a particular technology. An estimate can be obtained both with and without an Energy Performance Certificate.


The Wood Heating Company’s Director Simon Cross warns that it is by no means accurate - when trying it out on his own property it significantly underreported the heat requirement for the property compared to his Green Deal Assessment - but, he says, “it can at least provide a guide as to what income you might look to receive, which could help in your decision making process.”


For more details a press release is available at


We would be delighted to help you to discover whether biomass is the right choice for your property, and have our own Green Deal Assessor who will be able to provide details of the actual amount of heat the Government will pay you for, allowing you to calculate exactly what the domestic RHI would be worth for you.To get in touch contact us by clicking here.

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