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Servicing Specialists

When over 95% of biomass installers have only been around for a couple of years, and few have any real experience of servicing biomass appliances... 
Who should you trust to look after your boiler?
The Wood Heating Company - trusted by 100's region-wide for over 30 years

Call now on 01670 739197
for a no-obligation survey and personalised quotation.

A biomass boiler is a significant investment, and considerably more sophisticated than the oil or gas boiler it replaced.

How do you ensure that your boiler is running efficiently to minimise fuel costs and emissions? And to meet your obligations under the RHI to protect your payments from Ofgem?


The Wood Heating Company (Biomass) Limited has:


  • Over 30 years of experience in biomass installations and has been supporting biomass installations throughout their entire lifecycle – not just in the early years when servicing is simple.

  • Hundreds of customers in the region

  • A well-stocked warehouse in Cramlington

  • Factory-trained engineers trusted by a wide range of the nation’s favourite boiler brands

The Power Packages

Previously we have only offered access to our service packages to customers whose boilers we supplied and installed, but by popular request, we have now opened up our service offering to all. 


So, whoever installed your boiler, you can now choose from our comprehensive offering which ranges from a simple ‘pay as you go’ scheme through to our ‘Gold’ option – which provides fixed costs, substantial discounts and keeps your boiler running at peak efficiency.

Why choose a servicing package – why not just call an engineer as and when you need one? A service contract provides:


  • Peace of mind, you don’t have to think or worry about your boiler

  • Reduce the risk of unexpected bills

  • Control your servicing costs

  • Save money now and against future costs, services and parts

  • We have a vested interest in providing a permanent ‘fix’ to any problems you have as it costs us money every time we return – if you are paying for servicing on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis it actually benefits your service provider to do a ‘quick fix’ in the hope of the problem needing attention again in the future – costing you more money.

Subject to terms and conditions

*Network connection required in boiler room either by cable, range extender or powerline adapter. The price quoted for this service is a one-off fee which includes the cost of a compatible router, email alarm generator module, cabling, on-site & remote configuration. Boiler specific hardware/software not included. Not available for all boiler brands – please ask for further details

** must be purchased with ‘fault alarm via email’ option

Call now on 01670 739197
for a no-obligation survey and personalised quotation.

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